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LYLA-sanitary napkin

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Everything you to know about saniget

• Comfortable

• Strong adhesive

• All side channel

# Quality Guarantee

Features of LYLA

1) Length of the pad: 315mm

2) Made extra long and extra wide for all round protection through the night*

3) Super Lock Pockets with gel core

4) lock in fluid for up to 100% protection with zero leakage

5) Odour Control System with natural plant extracts helps prevent odour for a fresh and confident feeling

6) Cover for the best dry-feel

7) Individually packed pads available in packs of 7, 14 and 28 counts

Advantages of SANIGET

1) Get all round protection throughout the night with LYLA

2) Dry All Night.

3) This specially designed Ultra napkin is extra-long and extra-wide in the back to prevent leakage from all sides no matter how much you move in your sleep.

4) Now you can stay worry free and comfortable all night long



LYLA- sanitary napkin

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S & G CORPORATE introduced “lyla” is a sanitary napkin

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Product Specification

Size XL
Type Wings Sanitary Napkins, Overnight, Ultra Sanitary Napkins
Pack Content Woven fabric top
Absorbency 150 ml
Weight 10gm
Brand Lyla
Color White
Fabric Cotton
Gel Yes
Wing Yes
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Pack