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SNG Group is a leading pay-per-install software distribution company and has been facilitating bundled distribution since the early 2000's and has served 1,000's of advertisers, developers and publishers covering 190+ countries. SNG has one of the most experienced teams, and represents some of the most reputable, and top performing software brands today.

In 2010, SNG founded and created ClickInstalls to help Windows, and Mac developers and advertisers monetize their software. We recently, opened up the ClickInstalls Software Platform, which includes a self-service bundle package manager, bundle offers catalog, assets and documentation needed to create offerscreens, and integrate our bundle app inventory into web-based, and traditional installers.

The response has been incredible, making our network one of the fastest growing destinations for app monetization. If you are searching for great apps to bundle, need a full-service white-label, dynamic installer, need assistance with a customized build, or simply would like to discuss your product, you have come to right place!

SNG Group is privately held, and based in sunny South Florida, in the United States of America.

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